Strategic development within the video and computer games industry - through Market Analysis, Public Relations, Events, Networking, Partnerships, and Financing.  


We organise, cooperate with and participate in conferences and events in the Nordic region, including our main annual industry-only event, Nordic Game in Malmö, Sweden, and around the world, bringing the Nordic games community together with the global industry.
Conference & event activities for 2009:
DICE, Las Vegas, 18-20 February
GDC & GC San Francisco, 23-27 March
Nordic Game 2009, Malmö, Sweden, 19-20 May
GDC Paris, June
China Joy, July
Develop, Brighton, July
GCDC & GC Leipzig/Cologne, August
GCA Singapore, September
TGS Tokyo, October
GStar, Seoul, November
GC Lyon, November/December

Public Relations

Using our Nordic and international press networks and partnerships, we offer services including PR, promotion and communication with both the Nordic games industry and general public in the region.

Networking and Partnerships

We have experience with:
- Social gatherings and other activities connected with events
- Building and maintaining the Nordic industry directory and database NordicGame.Net
- Close co-operation with national, regional and international games industry representatives, including organisations such as the European Game Developer Federation (EGDF).


Market Analysis

The Nordic Game Program was founded as a result of our work in surveying the Nordic games industry and developing a strategy for public-private initiatives to serve the Nordic consumer by supporting and strengthening the regional industry. The focus today is on further developing and following the developments in the region within our Nordic mandate and widening our scope to include Europe, Asia and North America.


The Nordic Game Program

The Nordic Game Program is a six year culture project focused on Nordic game development, established in 2006 and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, initiated and administered by Nordic Game Resources. Nordic Game Program activities include:
- Nordic game development grants
- Competition and festival support
- Nordic Game conference and global events
- Market information and analysis
- Digital distribution
- Localisation
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FLIPPAT is a games festival for the youth of Malmö, giving the young people of the city an interesting, fun and social meeting place during the 2008 autumn holidays. FLIPPAT is created by the city of Malmö in corporation with Nordic Game Resources. The target group for the event is young people age 13-19, resident in Malmö and the surrounding area.
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